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Rev. Pastor, Dr. Alix Pierre (J.D)

After 12 years of theological and pastoral studies, Dr. Alix Pierre had founded Universal Church of Salvation and Universal Theological Seminary where he teaches and train with skills and experiences a new generation of Pastors to work, serve and makes a difference in ministry. There he teaches Pastoral Theology 1 and 2, Doctrines, Religion, Mission, Vision, Pastoral Leadership, Pastoral counseling and more…


Dr. Pierre earns many degrees in theology Christian education, divinity and pastoral leadership. Knowing very well the local church problems, he exposes with skills and knowledge the truths pertaining to local church. As a lawyer, he addresses many socio-legal issues. He challenges the pastors, the deacons and the members to enhance their Christians life that can only be achieved by the knowledge of God’s word.


Dr. Alix Pierre is the one to call for conferences and training for Christian’s services. He published: “Why do many people hate the Jews, but should not”  “Can women become Pastors” “To become better Christians” and he will publish: “Should Christian women have abortion” “Marriage-Divorce and Remarriage” “Politics of Personal Identity” “Christians and Politics” and the super “Should Christians Tithe”. He is the PDG of

A message from the Pastor

U.T.S offers also specific courses that are designed to immediately assist those who already work in ministry without proper pastoral trainings and ministerial background studies. We utilize all our pastoral experiences and skills to obtain the maximum desired results with a minimum of time and efforts.


We believe that it is the quality of instruction and not the quantity that makes the difference, enlightening our students. We hope that you will consider U.T.S. as you endeavor to start or continue your ministerial, pastoral studies and trainings.


U.T.S is the pastoral seminary that God will use to prepare you for the challenges of life and pastoral ministry in this new millennium. Whether you want to study the bible for your own knowledge or to become a well trained pastor with leadership skills for God’s work, God’s people, we are the answer. Furthermore, the tuition is very affordable.


May God richly bless you in your efforts to become trained & ordained pastors.


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